Zodiac Necklace - Virgo 8/23~9/22

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Colors: Silver

Virgo, represented by the Maiden or Virgin, is an Earth sign in the zodiac. Those born under Virgo typically have their birthdays between August 23rd and September 22nd. Virgos are often characterized by the following traits:

  1. Analytical and Detail-Oriented: Virgos are known for their analytical minds and attention to detail. They have a methodical approach to life and are often skilled at sorting out intricate details in both personal and professional settings.

  2. Practical and Reliable: They are practical in their approach and highly reliable. Virgos are often the ones that people turn to in a crisis because of their problem-solving abilities.

  3. Hardworking and Diligent: Dedication and hard work are the hallmarks of a Virgo. They are often willing to put in the effort needed to achieve high standards in their endeavors.

  4. Organized and Methodical: Virgos prefer an organized environment, where everything has its place. They are often good at organizing, planning, and ensuring efficiency.

  5. Caring and Helpful: They are genuinely helpful and caring, often willing to assist others. Virgos are typically concerned with the well-being of others and can be quite selfless in their efforts to help.

  6. Modest and Self-Effacing: Despite their many talents, Virgos are often modest and might shy away from the spotlight. They are more focused on the work itself rather than seeking attention or accolades.

While these traits make Virgos excellent friends, colleagues, and partners, they can sometimes be overly critical or perfectionistic, both with themselves and others. Their high standards can sometimes lead to unnecessary stress or disappointment. However, their loyalty, efficiency, and practicality make them invaluable in many aspects of life.

Zodiac Necklace by eTreM
Lead & Nickel Free
Made in Korea 

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